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Per last month's post, this is a roundup of Hetalia news and events from the past month. Sorry for the massive delay in this post. Life hit me like a truck the past couple of weeks.

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For more day-to-day news and updates on Hetalia, check out the Tumblr blogs hetarchive, hetaliaarchives, hetaliafandomhub, hetascanlations, and hetaliabuyblog and the Twitter account HetaliaNews. Also check out the resources linked in the pinned post of this community.
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Hey everyone. So considering the slowdown of activity here and elsewhere, I thought it might be a good idea to make a big summary post - in the spirit of something like [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_daily - at the end of each month for people who aren't checking every day for sporadic news updates. (Also this is a pretty blatant effort to foster more activity and discussion here.)

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For more day-to-day news and updates on Hetalia, check out the Tumblr blogs hetarchive, hetaliaarchives, hetaliafandomhub, hetascanlations, and hetaliabuyblog and the Twitter account HetaliaNews. Also check out the resources linked in the post post of this community.
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With the news of Hetalia: The Beautiful World coming out in July, so will the OVAs presented in there. Funimation has now released an English casting list for the Nyotalia girls.

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Funimation's news blog lists in new English cast members for the new nations! We have a couple of new countries joining the Hetalia world for Season 5. Take a look below for their English counterparts!

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That's right! The official English release for Hetalia: The Beautiful World is now on Righstuf for pre-order!

Funimation announces through Rightstuf that it will be available on July 22nd.

Here is the link to the Limited Edition version and the Regular Version. No information has been given yet if the Limited Edition version will contain other special content(like with the Hetalia bandanas given in LE in certain amounts), but I'm glad we now have an official release date and a chance to get our hands on the new season overseas!

EDIT: Thanks[livejournal.com profile] rnan We now know that with the edition of buying the LE version we will get a Season 5 bandana and stickers. Hetalia stickers will be available on the Regular edition too!

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Sorry, it took a while to translate stuff for Nyotalia because I was being a lazy butt and it's late here ahaha.... But a number of people asked me for details and translations on it, so here it finally is about two days after being announced "orz

Merchandise preview and details first up, though!


Annnddd the Hetalia merchanical pencils are restocked so I'll be taking orders for them! Details in the post o/

All details below cut!

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My friends and fellow fans, consider my wallet me dead and gone with this update---

Holy shit the Animate special cardboard dvd art slip is Prussia goodbye wallet
If you're in Australia and would like to order the Animate special version of the DVD, let me know.

And then I have information and more pretty cover art (Char CD for Russia and China) under the cut~!
Please enjoy :)

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Oh wow, phew. It's been a 'while', hasn't it!
Normally there's such a rush of items that I'm posting every other day fdjglfdgdf but this time I waited a bit to make it a bigger update instead of having lots of little things here and there!

But here we go, updates and some new-ish items/photo peeks ~


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Happy Christmas from Funimation! They bring you gifts of preview screenshots and a tumblr account for the series!

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This is going around Tumblr, and I decided to post it here for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Animate.tv has released images for episodes 15, 16, 17, and 18!

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Since I can't read Japanese, I'm not sure where on Animate's site these images are located (I can't navigate that site to save my life), much less if we have dates for when these episodes will air. If anyone has more information, please let me know!
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Funimation has announced on Tumblr that they will livestream Hetalia: The Beatiful World on April 3rd(Episodes 1-10) and June 12(Episodes 11-20). They will chat about the series with other Hetalia fans and special Hetalia-theme prizes will also be given out during it.

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Hello! I was just wondering, I happened to stumble across this picture today and I just want to know if there will be an episode in which will be based on the April Fools Day special. If someone posted this already (or if my tagging is incorrect), then please let me know!

And while I'm here, I also happen to stumble across this scan as well! Pictures taken from Italy Veneciano Vargas // North Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia) via Facebook~




EDIT: Added another picture of April Fools Day and credit to the original owner~
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Instead of spamming up the community, I hope posting them both on the same post is okay! 

But yes, new mascot figures and episode 3 of Hetalia: The Beautiful World are below the cut! 

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(Fingers crossed for Australia merch now)

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Previews were added onto the Animate site! This episode will be about Gakuen Hetalia and the Newspaper club which was part of the game.

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As I previously mentioned here about Funimation holding a Winter Simulcast of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, they have released the schedule of when they air it.

Right now, they are going to stream the first episode with English Subtitles today at 3 PM EST / 2 PM CT.

EDIT UPDATE: Link to new episode in cut as well as other information how you can view the recent simulcast.

Warning: Only viewable in North America as most countries cannot view it. You also have to be over 18 to view the videos because Funimation made the series M-rated. It doesn't matter if it was an English Dubbed or Subtitled, the videos are only viewable for mature audiences.

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Excited for Hetalia: The Beautiful World coming up next week? Good news, Funimation will have a Winter Simulcast of the series starting at the end of this month!

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