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Per last month's post, this is a roundup of Hetalia news and events from the past month. Sorry for the massive delay in this post. Life hit me like a truck the past couple of weeks.

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For more day-to-day news and updates on Hetalia, check out the Tumblr blogs hetarchive, hetaliaarchives, hetaliafandomhub, hetascanlations, and hetaliabuyblog and the Twitter account HetaliaNews. Also check out the resources linked in the pinned post of this community.
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Hey everyone. So considering the slowdown of activity here and elsewhere, I thought it might be a good idea to make a big summary post - in the spirit of something like [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_daily - at the end of each month for people who aren't checking every day for sporadic news updates. (Also this is a pretty blatant effort to foster more activity and discussion here.)

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For more day-to-day news and updates on Hetalia, check out the Tumblr blogs hetarchive, hetaliaarchives, hetaliafandomhub, hetascanlations, and hetaliabuyblog and the Twitter account HetaliaNews. Also check out the resources linked in the post post of this community.
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This card was found at the latest Doll Show in the Azone area. If you don't already know Azone makes Dolls and Clothes and have a good number of anime collab dolls under their belt.

If you can read Japanese, can you confirm the text on the card in this photo? [source]

Some of the doll collectors in the APH fandom really want to know if this ad is for collab dolls, clothing sets, or nothing of any concern. Feel free to tell us if we're wrong! We're not afraid to be wrong.

This is very exciting because a lot of us doll collectors have always wanted Hetalia dolls.
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I saw no group order (or information post for that matter) on these stickers, so I'm running a group order on them!
Every character is available!
Bigger Pictures, Prices, claims, and photos here!
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Shonen Jump+ has announced on their website that the first volume of Hetalia: World☆Stars will be released on February 4, 2015.

Source: Hetalia Archives Tumblr

Seems like suddenly there's lots of things happening in the world of Hetalia! Because Shueisha owns Jump+ it will probably get a distribution from Viz Media. (Unless there are other factors that would tie it to Tokyopop/RightStuf. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
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Hi everyone!

I've been on this LJ community for a while (albeit a bit inactive, I'll admit XD). I'm a translator with the hetascanlations team.

Since I live in Tokyo now I thought I'd start up my own buyer proxy service since I know doujinshis and everything can be quite hard to get abroad. I can get you pretty much anything ranging from Hetalia goods to non hetalia stuff or even clothes if you so desire~

All the details are here, on a tumblr I made just for the occasion :3

Feel free to message me here or you can send me an email if you're interested!

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A bit late notice,
but some new stuff popped up yesterday~

Lenticular keychains!

You can get them for 648 on Animate, or 470 on AmiAmi

There's 3D a poster, as well.
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Does anyone have experience buying Hetalia goods from Animate?

I´d like to order some, but I´m confused by the different color buttons. I don´t know if the items are in stock, backordered or something else. And Google translate isn´t very helpful. =/

Thank you!
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I'm so sorry I haven't really kept in touch; I have just been suuuuppper busy since my trip + after it;;;

IMPORTANT NOTE - DIRECT SALES/GROUP ORDER PARTICIPANTS: If you haven't received a message from me in regards to your order yet (all orders are ready, from past orders, direct sales, pre-orders etc), please let me know ASAP! Lots of people have run into technical problems and lots of messages haven't gone through on either end D: Please comment on this post and let me know so we can sort it out!

On a further note, I'm revamping my sales community (more info here)
(I've also bought 20 tickets for the Hetalia Travel Goods lottery ahaha;; let me know if you're interested in anything and we can go from there!)

Also, useful Merchandise reference things:
- Hetalia Merchandise Calendar (2014 only so far)
- Hetalia Merchandise List (from November 2012 to current)

Now, onto the Merchandise News....

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I'm super busy these days so I'll do what I can, but please consider keep tracking of HetaliaMerchandise on Tumblr for faster updates instead!
I hope you've all been well ;;w;;
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No LJ post about these yet? Let's fix that.

There's a new batch of adorable goods, planned for February 20th~

First up, super cute Cleaner Straps! I'm assuming they're going to be like the halloween Anikuji ones. ;w;

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Maybe also worth a mention, AmiAmi's got two Vinyl Bags from Broccoli up, with a March release.
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Phew! I finally wrapped up exams and stuff and my free time should be back!
I'm in the middle of sorting out invoices so things should be out soon! Sorry for the delay ^^;;

And here's some new merch related news!
Some are a bit old but no one has reported on them yet so here I am c;


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Just a quick update for group order participants, another package has arrived so instead of sending out invoices all over the place, I'm doing my best to do all of the orders' invoices in one go! But if you need anything in a hurry, plese let me know!

Onto new merch!
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 6.09.19 PM

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Sorry, it took a while to translate stuff for Nyotalia because I was being a lazy butt and it's late here ahaha.... But a number of people asked me for details and translations on it, so here it finally is about two days after being announced "orz

Merchandise preview and details first up, though!


Annnddd the Hetalia merchanical pencils are restocked so I'll be taking orders for them! Details in the post o/

All details below cut!

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Hello, hello! Here are some updates!
They were already on HetaliaMerchandise, but since not everyone would have seen them there here's a quick post with all the updates and reveals!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.21.02 PM

Follow the cut for details and more o/!!!

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Set to release in December, DezaEgg has put together some iPhone cases of the World 8:

They'll be 3980 yen each (do people actually pay this much outside Japan?), and AmiAmi's got them discounted to 3580 yen.
Each set consists of the case and a protective sheet for the screen. The wallpapers can be downloaded over here, but they may or may not require a previous purchase of a case.
It's all only for the iPhone 5.
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As always, information below the cut c;

And for those participating in my group orders, please keep an eye out on my tumblr for all minor updates.
Or short ver: orders have not been shipped to me yet as we're still waiting on some orders to get to my shopping proxy in Japan before they can be shipped off together. Once they have arrived and invoices are up, I'll update everyone individually - so no need for worries about missing on updates etc as all major updates are sent to everyone uvu!!

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Left: Regular    |||
Right: Limited Edition

On another note... 3 weeks to go until Vol.6 manga is released. Excited???? I am!!

And then the merch goods underneath:

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First off,
a progress photo of the drama cd jacket cover that will be for the limited edition ver. of volume 6!

Please note that this may differ from the final product and colours may vary depending on screen monitors.
But yes, less than a month to go - who's excited?????

And then new item: reflector mascot (what a strange lil thing) and finally a stock image for the desk calendar (+ new information for it and a change in release date)!!!

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