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Let me just remind everyone about when LietPol artwork was on Lithuanian news:

And remember the RoChu artwork on Chinese news?

How about the massive number of people who use Hetalia fanart for their Facebook status updates?
The Unit 731 article with some... gory Hetalia fanart? (I'll only post this if people ask for it, it's pretty NSFW.)

Look, there're even compilations of things like this: http://nanacka.tumblr.com/post/143174770502/i-didnt-know-it-was-hetalia-a-compliation

Let's face it, we're all just political/historical illustrators for the news now. XD

What instances of "They didn't know it was Hetalia" have you seen? Share them here!
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Hetalia is now 10 years old! (it's already the 6th in Japan)

Ten years ago, on July 6, 2006, Himaruya posted the first chapter (JP | EN) of the Hetalia webcomic on Kitayume.

Hetalia has gone from a simple webcomic to a published manga and an anime series that has spread in popularity! Currently Hetalia is now Hetalia World Stars and is published online in Shonen Jump Plus (EN).

Let's celebrate Hetalia!
Here's a small questionnaire:
How long have you been in fandom?
What attracted you to Hetalia?
Which strip/episode is your favorite?
Has Hetalia influenced your life in some way?
Who are your favorite characters?

Happy Birthday, Hetalia!!

Other places you can celebrate:
Tumblr users are holding a #10yrsofHetalia anniversary event!
Twitter users are using #ヘタリア10周年 as a way to celebrate!
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It's been a few years and some months since I've done anything remotely Hetalia-interesting. Ever since my group on Youtube flopped I have kind of been away from the genre and wanted to get back into it, but I don't know what has gone on.

My last interaction with Hetalia was the first DVD release of World Series and I believe the 4th Volume release in Japanese (the one with the introduction of Romania).

My curiosity has peeked and I wanted to know if anyone could help me answer a few questions I have:

. Where could I go online to download the World Series DVDs in English Dub?
. Have any new countries been introduced since my last exposure of Hetalia?
. Has any other anime series been released in English Dub since the World Series?
. Has any other movies other than 'Paint it White' been released?
. What should I be looking forward to in the forseeable future?

Any and all help on these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! :)


Jan. 20th, 2015 04:03 pm
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Has anyone read the fanfic "Russia Has a Secret?"
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As above, I'm looking for those characters merchandise.
I'm fine with anything just so long it's not a doujin ! Mostly buttons, small posters, cans, glasses, plushies, keychains, ect.
I live in the UK and i'd prefer if shipping was cheap as possible, please ! the lowest your limit could go to on the product.
Thank you so much ! ^-^
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Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone had/was wiling to sell their Movic Figures :D
I have been looking for them forever. I am also wondering what to tag this with ^_^;

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Hello LiveJournal community. I've been on this Hetalia page off and on for the last 2-3 years and rarely come on here for reasons I won't get into, but I'm still a major fan of the series!

I'm trying to find the Hetalia series in English Dubbed version on this vast web we call the internet to no avail and was hoping someone on this site would know where I could get "Hetalia World Series" season 1 and season 2 as well as "Hetalia the Beautiful World" and whatever else has managed to come to the English Dubbed version since I last checked (which was back when the Beautiful World was first coming out)

Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thank you~
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Hello! So during my school year, I took an AP class on European History. Since we took our exams already, we are just watching movies in the class and "evaluating the historical accuracy of the film." My teacher told us that if we have a movie (or show coughcough) we would like to show, then we can give it to him and he can show it.

So, the first thing that popped in my head is Hetalia, of course. Currently, I'm looking for the episodes that has the most information concerning the historical aspects that relates to my class. So far, I got the one with the War of Austrian Succession, and that's about it OTL. Is it alright if people can recommend me episodes that I could use to show my teacher? I wanna help spread Hetalia in my grade level. Also, can you guys recommend me a place where I can download the episodes subbed? I got all of them, but the quality for the World Series is terrible, so I wanna redownload it somewhere. Thanks!
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Hello hello! Sorry I've been away for so long, but things are still super busy and I can't open up sales/orders properly any time soon ;;
I'm hoping I'll slowly be able to get back into things in June after exams!
But if you're ever in need of something, don't hesitate to message me anyways and I will see what I can do ;)

Also, there's been a whole bunch of new merchandise releases since i last posted! You can find them all on Hetalia Merchandise @ Tumblr!

Though to the main topic of this post, trading cards !!

Does anyone have a complete list of all trading cards or pictures/photos/scans of all trading cards? I'm trying to organise and list down details, but it's hard since most information is just... not available for trading cards? Especially older ones;;

And more improtantly, I'm looking for trading cards and other items!

Images and details under cut! )

On another note, when I find time I will be doing a huge collection weeding too! Belive or not, I'm actually running out of space with everything I have - and for some reason I have lots and lots of duplicates of certain items???

If you've been looking for something ask and by chance I might have it and willing to let go of it, or if you've had an eye on any item of mine, feel free to let me know and I can let you know if it might be up for grabs ;)
(My collection usually consists of: Prussia, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, sometimes England, America, Netherlands, Nordics, and the occasional any other rare/special event item related things)

Gosh I wrote quite a bit! But I hope you've all been doing well and thanks for looking ;u;
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Hello to everyone :)
I'm looking for these two doujinshi
I've asked them for possible restock but they told me that is not possible.
Is there someone whom is willing to sell them?
Or does anybody know if there are scans about them somewhere? :)
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Does anyone recognize this style or knows the artist of this?


If you do please read this )

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Hi! I've been looking for a fic in which the nations had dissapeared, but appeared years later after some had escaped. Most if not all characters were involved, but I think it involved ENlgand and America especially. I hope this sounds familier to some poeple! :)

Also, any fics which are very long and involve a great deal of characters? I don't mind dark fics, in fact any of those would be especially good!

This community was so helpfull when I posted last time, thank you all so much again!

Edit: Thank you so much for all your suggestions!
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So I was browsing Amazon for a new Hetalia poster when I noticed that there was one seller called ScrollDepot (orders fulfilled by some company called NiceTouchDVDs) that had tapestry versions of the Allies and Axis in uniform from the Arte Stella artbook. At first I was excited, but then I noticed the images looked kind of oddly sized--like they'd been stretched or something to accommodate the tapestry's size. Then I noticed that one of the Hetalia posters they were selling contained a drawing I had definitely seen on a fanart site. I then plugged in "ScrollDepot Hetalia" into the search bar and found that they had like 20 pages of tapestries with art styles all over the place, and a bunch looked like they were resized and forced to fit on that tapestry size.

So this sent off like a million alarm bells in my head, but a preliminary search didn't turn up anything of interest at all about this seller, and I would have thought that if they were actually profiting off of fanart and unauthorized distribution of official art it would have raised a big stink earlier. Does anyone know more about this?
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Reading Hetalia.Kitawiki.net I found this in his personality chart:

"He also seems to be afraid of the dark and admires Jackie Chan."

In which scan is this stated? I've read all the scalantions and yet I can't find any character profile or comic strip where this is implied.

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Hello! I'm a starter in the Hetalia fandom...and I was wondering if there's anyone who has download links for the Marukaite Chikyu Kansha Matsuri Seiyuu Event? I was looking for a living download link but I couldn't find one. T^T I hope someone has!
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Hello! I remember reading a fic around last year involving the Netherlands and Belgium. Sadly, I didn't bookmark the fic and since it's been a while, I completely forgot the name. I do remember, however, that the fic revolved around the Netherlands being a good older brother to Belgium. The fic was split into mini vignettes and each vignette had a heading similar to "Rule *insert name*: *insert rule*".

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Fic Search

Jun. 13th, 2013 04:07 pm
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I've only done this with other fandoms before, so if this isn't allowed, I am so sorry! I'm in desperate need of help in searching for a fic that I've lost. I'd thought that I bookmarked it, but I've searched for ages and found nothing. :(

The background to the fic was that there had been a war in which certain countries were decimated, including America, Spain and Ukraine, although America seemed to be the main focus. England and Canada were the first people to find America, who knows at least some of the other dead-turned-human countries, who are all unaware of their past lives as countries, although it seems to come back to them in dreams?

Any help would be appeciated! :) If it's alright, could anyone also reccomend any fics in which one or more countries have amnesia, or die and turn human (with no memory of being a country) or other fics like that?

Thank you so much again for reading this :) (Sorry again if this was done wrong!)
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this game has been around for two years, yet i can't seem to find much about besides that it stars seychelles, and that certain few parts have been translated. i've also found a couple ch's but never a complete set. i've seen other otome games get much more coverage than this in a quicker amount of time.

i'd really like to find out more about this game(like how many romantic endings are there, if any, and with who?). i would also like to find more cg's.


Jun. 7th, 2013 01:24 pm
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Do you guys happen to know if the seiyuus of the new characters will be or were announced? I'm specially interested in knowing the seiyuu of India

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So my old computer died and I lost a couple of stories. I've been searching around for them but can't seem to find them, so if you could help me that would be great.

The first has America and England going back in time where they meet England as a child. Then they travel through time again and take little England with them into America's past. They meet America as a baby and little England claims baby America as his.

The second involves Sweden as a child not knowing he is a nation. He lives in a village and doesn't understand why he doesn't age like the others. I think it was part of a series of stories about the nations realizing they are in fact nations.


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