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What are your favorite "They didn't know it was Hetalia" moments?

Let me just remind everyone about when LietPol artwork was on Lithuanian news:

And remember the RoChu artwork on Chinese news?

How about the massive number of people who use Hetalia fanart for their Facebook status updates?
The Unit 731 article with some... gory Hetalia fanart? (I'll only post this if people ask for it, it's pretty NSFW.)

Look, there're even compilations of things like this:

Let's face it, we're all just political/historical illustrators for the news now. XD

What instances of "They didn't know it was Hetalia" have you seen? Share them here!

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Oh my gosh, this is really neat!
I've not seen any of this before.
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Oh my god, these are amusing!

I actually found one this past week using MY artwork... apparently a few years ago someone used an ancient America and Japan pic of mine for some web magazine on the benefits of going to Japan for language studies. I was just like um what

The full thing is here:

My original illustration:
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Sometimes you have to wonder what academics years into the future are going to think about the plethora of fanworks with country flags and homoerotic subtext left behind.