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Title: Welcome to the Show
Costume/Makeup: ani_bester
Concept by: Lukas_king_of_butter (instagram tag name)
Characters England and Wales
Rating: G
Warnings: AU (which I guess is more of an FYI than a warning)
Summary: So over on Instagram, Cosplayer Lukas_king_of_butter posted a picture of herself as Norway witha Dark Circus team and tagged it Hetaliadarkcircus and asked others to join in.

So I happen to be a big fan of circuses and Vaudeville and such so this wpushe dme to go past my comfort zone, and I got way more involved in make and photo editing than I ever had before. It was lots of fun and I hope you enjoy them too :)
(and if you are on instagram, check out the tag #hetaliadarkcircus, because there is some amazing cosplay there)

The Shows About to Start )
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I've converted the layout of Prussia's blog (from 2009 April Fool's) into a Tumblr layout, that I hope is easy enough to install that anyone who wants it can use it!
The main point of this is so that, if anyone wants to run a nation's blog with the same layout structure, you can just use this but change the images and colours to your liking. (Of course, you could just use it for your personal blog too but...)

Important info, installation zip and instructions )

Hope you enjoy, and just ask me if there's a problem or you need some help (but try to figure it out first)...! Sorry if I forgot about anything!!
Never credit me, this belongs to Himaruya Prussia.
Oh yeah, and if you install it, feel free to link to your blog in the comments, it would be nice to see it in action!
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♫friends-only banners
→06 hetalia
→03 hetalia
→03 hetalia
♫iphone wallpapers/ 320x480 banners
→03 hetalia

here @ [livejournal.com profile] colormachine
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ASIA moodtheme
http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/nerdy.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/confused.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/devious.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/bored.png
http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/satisfied.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/ditzy.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/hot.png http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af293/3of31days/asia%20mood/nervous.png
over here

mods - i'm not sure what to tag this, so feel free to delete/tag for me!
sorry for the trouble;;
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I posted this before but somehow I deleted it OTL
My coloring of boss Spain and some icons of him and Vietnam-chan. Comments are appreciated!

see the fruit on this post  @my journal


Now this is new stuff. 3 fresh LJ headers of the pairings we love. It incudes:

get them here @my journal
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♪ A. P. Hetalia [ 8 ]

+ Prussia+HRE+ChibItalia
+ Feliciano+Lovino
+ 2 Russia
+ 2 Japan
+ Prussia/Hungary
+ Hungary

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[4] TOTAL (anime&fanart)
[3] APH
→ 2 US/UK/US
→ Bad Friends Trio

[1] Kuroshitsuji
→ Sebastian Michaelis
[14] TOTAL
[8] Kuroshitsuji
→ Grell Sutcliff — variant sizes
[6] Princess Princess
→ Yuujirou/Tohru — variant sizes
[157] TOTAL
[41] Kuroshitsuji II
[36] Ookiku Furikabutte
[70] Adolescence of Utena
[10] Black Rock Shooter


To be honest, I got stuck on the USUK ones for awhile, and didn't post two of the ones I worked on. OTZ  BUT thank you, Glaceau, for permission to create these layouts! *3*


2 USUK and one Bad Friends Trio profile layouts HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] a_runawaybutler !

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[14] APH
→ 14 inserts (ie. headers)
→ 4 color variant codes
[74] APH
→ 46 USUK
→ 12 Children of July
→ 4 Tales of Hetalia
→ 4 GerFr
→ 8 PrHun

I wanted to make small profile layouts that were simple but cute, as inspired by a few other graphics comms, so I tried it out. AND...I hope they turned out all right. owo;

Also, to everyone on DA who allowed me to use their gorgeous fanart to create icons out of, here they are-- And though they're pretty average, thank you very much!
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[21] TOTAL
▬ Fandom (fanart&dj) ▬
[1] FFVII Advent Children (Cloud/Reno)
[3] Gintama (YamaHiji | OkiKagu ─ variations)
▬ Yuri (official art) ▬
[1] Simoun (Aer/Neveril)
[2] Misc (Maidens' Cake | Clover)
▬ Josei&Seinen (official) ▬
[1] Karneval (Gareki)
[12] After School Charisma ─ variations

[128] TOTAL (anime&game)
[95] Kuroshitsuji II
[21] Final Fantasy Versus XIII
[12] Kyou Kara Maou
[12] TOTAL
[9] Gintama headers & fo banners
[3] Clover (Otsu Hiyori) fo banners

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] a_runawaybutler.

A new graphics comm. :) Also, live previews for the profile layouts are here.

Note: if you use the LietPol layout, make sure to have everything else on your profile below it, else have an indention on the piece with the text.
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Wow i haven't posted anything in such a long time!
But i've made a new LJ-Layout i wanted to post!

As you can see it's belgium this time~

You can find it > HERE < on my livejournal!!
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Title: Like an Old Married Couple
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] catgirlprime
Characters: America & England
Rating/Warnings: E
Summary: Typical face-off.

Read more... )

Title: World Cup America
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] catgirlprime
Characters: America
Rating/Warnings: E
Summary: America profile layout.
The hero scores again! )
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France x England spoiler~!
Complete manipulation of the original episode~!



Are you sure?

(A episode full of Love)
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- 5 Axis Powers Hetalia profile codes/layouts
* 1 Italy
* 1 America
* 1 Russia/America
* 1 Japan
* 1 Italy brothers

HERE @ Miserable & Stunning
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 Just like the title says--

6 Russia/America banners
1 Italy & Romano tables layout
1 China profile & 1 Iceland profile 

All of that HERE @ Miserable & Stunning
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Happy Eyebrow's Festival~ ♥♥♥
[Uh.. yes I posted this early for that. :'D]

Artistic Cold Indifferent
All screen-capped from episodes 1-51
View the mood theme here. BACKUP
(I think my first web host died from traffic.... :x)
Download over here @ [livejournal.com profile] pandanparfait .
Er... how do I tag this? D:


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