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Title: Sublime
Author/Artist: [personal profile] yuuago/[personal profile] roesslyng
Pairing: FemFrance/FemNorway
Rating: 15+/T for references to sex
Warnings: None
Summary: France tends to come on too strong - but there are things about her that are appealing, in a way

Fic under the cut. Crossposted from my writing journal*

Sublime )
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Title: Saga of a Sick England
Character: France, England,  (could be FrUk or could be France just getting England's goat) and Ireland
Rating: G
Media: Doodles on Post It Notes
Summary: I was insanely sick for two weeks, which inspired both of these. The first was inspired by me joking that England was probably deliberately tryung to get France sick.  The second was inspired because, for reasons, I can't take decongestants and at one point I literally resorted to whiskey shots to clear my sinuses. -_-

Sick England Comics )

Title: England's Only Friend
Character: Mochi England and Mochi America
Rating: G
Media: Doodles on Post It Notes
Summary: I was sad about being at work Dec 23rd because I was so SO dang sick and yet....at work.  This is how I amused myself. America trying to cheer England up, England being Grumpy, Carols and other stuff

Mochi Theater )

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Title: Quick Sketches
Artist [livejournal.com profile] ani_bester
Characters Mainly England, Some America, tiny Spain, Italy, and France, and Russia
Ships: one doodle is RusAme
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Summary: A dump of a bunch of sketches and doodles I have done. I have some finished-ish art, but I will post those another day.

Doodles Inspired by Work )

Pics Based on or for Fandom friends )

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So I urgently need some money and I have to part with some of my Hetalia collection.
Selling Official Merch including Arte Stella, Cardverse metal charm, Character songs CD and Ice Tray! Also Selling Doujinshi!
Shipping from Brazil.
Prices are in USD, but can be converted in GBP if you live in UK. Accepting paypal only.
Please comment or send me a PM (i will receive notification mail) for Shipping and total prices!

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Title: nyorevolution
Author/Artist: zhaisiwen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): nyotalia!France
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: click the image to go to my tumblr to see the full-size image! orz i would post it here too but i already post it so many places and i kind of hate doing that.

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They're straight outta the boxes, I have the 2009 DEEN stick posters for sale (or, the ones I didn't keep for myself, at least...), huzzah!!
Now, because they're in the boxes, I'm not planning to unbox them yet. However, I do have the box art:

I have at least 1 of each.
They are all $10 each, with discounts the more you buy. $18 for two, $25 for 3, and 4 for $30......
America x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
England x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
France x 1 (regular)
Italy x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
Germany x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
Japan x1 (regular)
Russia x1 (regular)
China x1(regular)

Shipping is from Massachusetts in the USA.
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Title: I'll Drown
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kingpreussen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): APH France, APH Spain, APH Prussia, APH Italy, APH Germany; Bad Friends Trio, GerIta mentioned
Rating: NC17
Warnings: explicit sexual scene, emotional distress, discussions of WWII/post-war relations
Summary: The end of the war and what came after threatened to destroy Prussia from the inside out, but his friends don't treat him like a pariah--like he believes he deserves to be treated. France and Spain make progress with him and with their modern relationship.

[ Winter was a truly awful season in Berlin. ]
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Title: [Hetalia AMV] Yaoitalia of Uptown Funk ~NC17~
Author/Artist: Neolavender123
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
- Characters: Various (including some of the new and non-mainstream nations)
- Pairings: Various (Like... absolutely various)
Rating: NC17
- Shounen Ai & YAOI (the title itself is Yaoitalia =A=)
- Shirtless & Nudity (Vital region(s) not shown)
- Male nations only
- Suggestive/Innuendo positions

Hi, folks of the world. Just thought I'd share this with you all :)

I made this video with the yaoitalia theme & the Uptown Funk song. So yeah, please be aware that you might find a lot of suggestive pictures in there ^^" I also use footages from a bunch of other (what I assume to be) hetalia sexy videos lol and the link to all of those videos will be in the description box.

This video was done with WMM and since it's my second video, I'd definitely appreciate some feedbacks from you guys :) Thanks in advance!

PS. You might wanna watch it till the end ;) *wink wink*
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Title: A Hero You May Have Missed: Part 4
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nike2422
Rating: R (for violence)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Prussia, Russia, Ukraine
Warnings: Violence, people beating other people up.
Summary: Belarus and America leave the farm house to find the Soviet Army. They find them, and Russia treats America and Belarus to a surprise.

And now German generals find it hard to explain away their retreat. – Georgy Zhukov )
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For the past 5 years or so I've been writing a fic covering as much of the Franco Russian relations as I could. This fic has been hidden in the hardrive of my computer since highschool, constantly being revised, never mentioned to others.

I'm looking for a beta of some sort, mainly someone who shares the same spark of obsession with Russian and French history that I do. I'm not sure where to find them, as I've been absent from this community for years now, can anyone guide me?

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Okay, so I'll try at least making this thread.
There were also a few other blog updates, so in case you want to get a first impression, I'll include links to them. They will probably get their own thread(s) once the translations are out. This scanlation is for blog update 1.
Original blog posts 1, 2, 3 and 4
Translation taken from Hetascanlations.
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I guess somebody felt creative last night. ;)

Original blog posts 1 and 2
Translations of blog updates taken from Hetascanlations
World Stars translation by mochifever

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I can read that the first request was for a cool looking America, and England apparently looks at it and repeats "cool looking?". I sadly cannot read much more that that, so we'll have to wait for translators to get to this.

In the meantime, you can find the original blog post here.
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Title: The Times They Are Changing
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters: France, England.
Summary: In the modern world, the Nations are long since forgotten. Arthur struggles to come to terms with the situation and Francis struggles to make him see some light in the dark.

The Times They Are Changing )
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Looking for France/Austria doujinshi, especially those by crouka. But I'll consider others also.
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Title: Why Life's a Joke
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters / Pairing: England, France, FrUK
Sumary: Arthur Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy are simply trying to live their respective lives, but apparently someone up there has decided not to make it easy for them. FrUK, oneshot, AU.

( Part 1 )
( Part 2 )
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Title: An Occasion
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: England, America, France. FrUK.
Summary: Little things in life are those that might have the biggest consequences. Like this little occasion, where Arthur wakes up covered by an unidentified jacket. AU.

( An Occasion )


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