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[Fanfic] Consumerism, Consumption, Consume

Title: Consumerism, Consumption, Consume
Character: America
Warning: Meditations on consumerism and ambition from the perspective of the fifties, so if you're not in to that, then I guess?
Summary: To consume was patriotic, and to be patriotic was American.

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( Will he ever be satisfied? )

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As always I adore your writing, a reminder that despite his power and influence over the world America is still at this time a young man searching for something more, wanting something greater but unsure and lost as to what it is. At this time he thinks he's found it, but his heart as seen at the end seems to sense that this isn't it. Short but lovely and good analysis of him.

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Because your writing is amazing o/ that's why. I love this so much.

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Welcome -