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Hetalia World Star Updates! Currently at Chapter 80

Current updates on Hetalia World Stars (as well as some blog entries, if available)
Last Update: July 3rd, 2015

Chapter 55 - Rome and Persia appear! Shapur I The Great of Persia and captured Roman Emperor Valerian.

[Blog Update - Tulip Fever!] - Featuring Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. A little bit of talk about the Tulip Mania in Netherlands.

Chapter 56 - A continuation of the last chapter. More of Shapur I and Valerian with Rome and Persia.

Chapter 57 - The Industrial Revolution and it's effects on nations. Featuring England, France and America. Mostly focusing on Germany and Prussia.

Chapter 58 - Italy and the Second Industrial Revolution. Veneziano's industriousness and Romano's move to America.

Chapter 59 - A continuation of the last chapter. More of Romano and America.

Chapter 60 - England's struggles during the Industrial Revolution. Appearances by: France, North and South Italy, Germany, Russia, and America.

Chapter 61 - Russia and his troubles during the Industrial Revolution.

Chapter 62 - Latvia and building a railroad for Mr. Russia.

Chapter 63 - Estonia and Latvia.

Chapter 64 - England and Italy and teacup design.

Chapter 65 - China and Hong Kong.

Chapter 66 - Japan's old folkcraft is amazing to America.

Chapter 67 - Japan comes to help England with teacup design.

Chapter 68 - Japan and England craft together.

Chapter 69 - England designs a Japanese-inspired teapot.

Chapter 70 - England and America /w Romano cameo.

Chapter 71 - Thoughts on automobiles with America, England, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and China.

Chapter 72 - America, quick food, and Romano.

Chapter 73 - The start of a long phone call with Romano and Spain.

Chapter 74 - Phone Call part II. Spain and Romano.

Chapter 75 - Phone Call part III. Spain and Romano.

Chapter 76 - Phone Call part IV. Rose-in-mouth Spain and Romano.

Chapter 77 - End of the phone calls, Portugal teases Spain.

Chapter 78 - Spain and Portugal are different, aren't they? Seychelles delivers a letter.

Chapter 79 - France knows how to tease Spain and Portugal.

Chapter 80 - Portugal visits Macau.

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Thank you! At least it's a compilation! XD YAY!

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Thank you! :)
Those Industrial Revolutions chapters are quite interesting!

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Ah, I haven't been on this comm in a bit and only just saw this. Thank you for posting, sammich~

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... I am way ahead of this... I am on chapter 79... I promise I will try hard not to spoil anything!