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Hello! I'm looking to buy both copies of Vol. 6 - regular and special edition! If anyone is looking to sell for a reasonable price, please PM me! :)
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Mods, I just looked in the rules and saw nothing about not being able to do this, however, please delete (and tell me how to post) if this isn't allowed.

I've come into some money and there are two UK/US doujin that I want and I am looking to buy. I've looked in a lot of doujin post with no such luck and was wondering if people knew where I could find them to buy (that they don't cost an arm and a leg)

Covers Under Cut )

If you do sell them to me, I do live in the USA. :3 Thank you to everyone in advance and I hope you all have a wonderful night! :3
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i'm selling five Hetalia doujinshis at my livejournal!
prices are negotiable!
i'm in need of cash so that's why i'm selling most of my items. do let me know if you have any questions^^ 
(on to the anime section)

WTB: Fan-made goods
i'm looking for fan-made postcards/prints/bookmarks. especially those that are from conventions or doujinshi artists.
i don't mind which fandom it is as long as the art is good :D
thanks for looking!
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Hello everyone!

I have something I want to buy.
Unfortunately, I'm broke but I offer three doujins in exchange for one charm!
I'm searching for them for ages (and this is my third try with this post) so please if you have one of these, read here! (; A ; )

read here )
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Originally sold here

I would have bought it at the sales post, but I found out too late, and the group is not doing reprints ;n;

Does anyone have a copy that they are willing to sell? I am fully willing to negotiate a reasonable price.

Mods, please delete if a post of this nature is not allowed.

Thank you!
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Though I'm pretty sure I'll have no luck.

Anyone happen to have a spare Greece mascot, or know where I can get one? Condition doesn't matter too much; he can be used and scratched up or covered in paint rubs.

I'm not looking to spend over $13 shipped though. Retail's no more than $10, and my first was only about $5 before shipping, so I know it's possible.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for Germany/Ludwig merch, such as doujinshis', one coin figures, plushies, etc. You can just show me what you have to offer. For doujinshis', I'm looking for uke! Germany and Germany/Italy. I'm looking for doujins with pretty art and explicit content. As for one coins, I'm currently looking for Germany, North Italy, Prussia, Austria, Sweden, Chibitalia & HRE (sold together). I'm looking for other merchandise as well that involves Germany. Also looking for the US release of Hetalia Season Two. Some things I'm not currently interested includes cards, coasters, and CD's. Please, no bootlegs. I'm in the USA and can trade (PREFERED), half-trade, or pay by Paypal. Thank you. : )

Trade list: http://community.livejournal.com/anime4sale/3157064.html

Highly in search for: Wee wee wee! Log Book #1 doujinshi.

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Sorry if this isn't allowed mods, feel free to delete if it isn't.

But does anyone know where I can get the Special One coin figures? And what kinds there are? Is there a full set of specials for the first round?

Failing that, does anyone have some for sale? Specifically, France, Russia (if it exists) and China (if it exists)?
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Hello everyone!

I have something I want to buy.
And I have way too much money now and would pay very well (money and doujinshi!) for getting one of these cell phone charms.
I'm searching for them for ages so please if you have one of these, read here! (; A ; )

read here )
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Just to clarify, pre-orders are closed, yes? @___@ Would anyone know if there was still a way to order one/know of places to order a copy? And if one could still order it, would it still come with what the pre-ordered copies come with i.e. the cards, stickers, etc? ):

A-Any help is greatly appreciated! ❤
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I've been looking EVERYWHERE for Austria X Hungary doujinshi, but I can seem to find a site that will ship to the US. I prefer for someone to ship it from the US, but if you live in Canada or somewhere else, I'm open to buying it "overseas" just not from Japan (shipping fees are expensive). If you name a price and I can afford that, I'll send you a pm telling you how much shipping will be. And when I pay you for the doujinshi, i'm going to include shipping in the payment. I'm only paying through PayPal. :3

I'm looking for specifically (but not limited to):

- あなたがあなたである為のたった一つの法則
- トゥルーエンド
- 私と彼とその彼と。
- Nyankochan de miru!! furaipanguru

Basically I 'll take any Austria x Hungary doujinshi (that's not R18). I'm thinking of maybe $10 - $26 (excluding shipping)? That's how much I've seen. : ) 

If I've broken a rule mods, feel free to tell me to delete~
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 I seriously have no clue if I should even put this question up here, since I'm still a noob at communities. But does anyone know where I can find this specific t-shirt?

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Hello~ I am looking to buy doujin with the pairing GermanyXItaly. I prefer fluff or angst, but I`m open to anything anyone has to offer.
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Any chance anyone has a Belarus mascot up for sale?

My collection's recently expanded to include her and Ukraine, so, I'm thinking I should get that figure before the Tomy's released, while it's still the only Belarus item I'm missing.

I'm hoping for no more than $18 shipped up to Canada.

I can only pay over paypal, and will need to use an e-check.
Obviously, I don't expect it to be shipped until it's cleared.

;u; Got her~ Thanks~
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If this isn't allowed, then mods can delete this!

I've been looking for the complete set on the One Coin Figurines (Series 2) and so far I haven't had any luck finding a set that's in stock. Is there any website or any one who is selling all the figurines? If so, do they ship to Australia? I'll pay any price, provided that it isn't something overly ridiculous ($150 AUS is my limit).

I'd love to purchase them as soon as possible, but I don't mind waiting for them to come back in stock if there's absolutely no way for me to buy them at the moment.
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Since my Russia collection's starting to make some epic progress, I've decided I should show people. \o/
I'd been keeping the pictures ready to make a collection site for quite a while, but... I had to cave and just use livejournal, in the end. Not too bad of a choice, I figure. I get to recycle an old RP account by doing this.

So where is it?
Right here~

long entry is long )
So. Absolutely nothing in that journal is for sale, or likely will be, ever. But, if you do see something you really want, I can always try to help you find your own.

On another note, one item I know for sure I am missing, is a promo item from that same event that had all the cute foods. It's a yellow sticker, a little bigger than the can badge, with a chibi Russia on it. I'll get a picture of it once I'm home, later on.
It seems to be valued somewhere between 200 and 500 yen, but always gets thrown in expensive lots with other things I don't need. So I'm willing to spend up to $10 shipped to get it.
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 cos' i dropped mine and the magnetism is near dead.  T^T

hoping to find a cheap one here ^ ^;; or a person who is willing to go through with bargains

will be paying through paypal 


please delete this post if it's not allowed (:


Feb. 21st, 2010 01:28 pm
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Since this should be so much easier than trying and failing to find sales posts...

Does anyone here have any merchandise of Russia, that they're willing to sell?

I already have the common trading card, and the legit onecoin. Anything else, though (even including the bootleg onecoin), I'm still looking for. ... Except doujinshi. D: I'd really like to avoid that unless it's Russia/Lithuania and the art's better than the usual stuff I'm finding.

:D Just name your prices, and if they're reasonable, I'm totally up for getting whatever~!

Tiny tiny problem is I'll be using echecks. But I guarantee you they'll clear, so no big deal. :D
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So at Anime Iowa this summer I bought I saw these Hetalia door plates. ((The only Hetalia merch I have seen so far off the internet  here midwestern stateside and I attend lots of cons in this area.)) Anyway I bought a Japan, America and Italy but I would like purchase a few more but all I am finding is full sets on the internet and I just want a few more of the plates. I epecialy would like a Prusssia and a England. Another Japan would be nice too.
I'll post some pics of the plates under a cut so you guys have visual refrences. I hope someone has them at reasonable prices.  (( I only paid 5 bucks a piece for the plate at AI))
The plates! )

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I'm really really hoping to find the Movic mascot figure of Russia. (Well, I plan to collect all his merchandise, but this is my priority)
Does anyone maybe have him for sale? Lately I can find every figure except for him, and, he's the only one I actually want.
I'm aware that the Movic set can go for $6 to $20 a piece, so I'm looking to spend no more than $30.

Edit: Shamelessly throwing in an ad for the Hetalia DR on Inksome. :3 Everyone's welcome to join as any character. The first post here explains our rules and how to join.

... Also I don't seem to have the ability to erase my tags from when I was asking for a doujin scan. D: Uhm.


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