([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] hetalia2017-03-11 07:57 am

Ita bags!

Hi there! I've just finishing constructing my ita bag of Germany (though I know I've got a load of more merch to buy before I can stop working on it completely!)
I was wondering if anyone else had Hetalia themed ita bags? I've seen two so far and was wondering if there were any more out there!

The front of my bag

Pic from another angle

How I've decorated the back of it

And this is how it looked when it first got to me >u< I had some trouble finding an ita bag for sale over here in England, so I lucked out when I spotted the itabags uk page that made them! I wanna get a backpack ita bag too, soon! And make a Prussia one If i can get enough merch of him!

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